User experience workshop using themes of mutual aid as pedagogy,Summer 2020

Summer 2020’s waves of volunteer-run, mutual aid efforts and skill sharing inspired me to create an low-fee/sliding-scale workshop using “mutual aid” examples as pedagogy.
With support from event host Gray Area.

In this series of introductory workshops to UX Design, participants are encouraged to utilize systems and product thinking to create digital applications centered around anti-capitalist models of bartering and mutual aid. Projects from this workshop included: Poll2Poll, an educational app for Black creatives, and a tagging system for forageable gardens.

The course covered an intro to the user experience design process: from research, to interface design, to a testable prototype.

• Exploration of human psychology and behavioral patterns, an understanding of the latest functionalities of iOS technology, development of UI design and patterning libraries, and general user experience design best practices.

• Recurring discussion around themes of anti-capitalistic systems of exchange including currency-less economic systems, mutual aid, and bartering.

• A critical look at what goes into creating the addictiveness of smartphone apps and platforms, and the ethical and moral obligations designers have towards the structures around us.

See the syllabus here

Slides from various workshop sessions. Slides via workshop instructors
On the last class, participants made a moodboard to represent their project ideas. Slides via workshop participants

Co-taught by:
Joelle Fleuratin, Mala Kumar, Eve Masso, Nick Simmons, Zella Vanié and Steven Ziadie