Cooking for neighbors in Bushwick,2022-2023

Home-cooked meals prepared by yours truly and brought to Bushwick Free Store's Tuesday sessions.

Summer-Fall 2022

I started doing these meals in earnest and soliciting friends for their excess groceries and pantry items, starting with recipes and pairings that were refreshing yet nourishing at the same time.

Thanksgiving 2022

The Thanksgiving meal of chicken dumplings soup and cake was the first time I set up a table at the Bushwick Free Store. Within minutes, the 40-person meals were gone!

"Swirl Day"

Right before Christmas, I invited a friend to create meals with me that utilized a swirl. I made chocolate rolled cake and a spiced cider, and she made kimbap.

Christmas 2022

I was missing Chinese stewed beef noodles, and so prepared a lot for myself, and a few to distribute in Lower Manhattan.

Spring 2023

Eager to make a dent in my 20lb bags of brown rice, I made a few meals that used it as a base.